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Emily + Ben

Emily and Ben met at Columbia College. They were athletes (Emily played volleyball and Ben was a basketball player) and found themselves in the same social circles during their time in college. Eventually, (as the story is told) Emily agreed to go on a date with Ben, and the rest is history! But here's the thing- Ben is from AUSTRALIA! So as you can imagine that adds to the story quite a little bit...

Here's how we met Ben and Emily...

Ben works with my husband Austin! We knew Ben and Emily got engaged, but, of course, we never pester or pressure our friends to get married at our venue (we understand that each couple has their own vision, style, budget, etc- we get that). But Ben and Emily wanted to come tour and look at the property. After some consideration, they decided to go for it! (YAY!) So we started planning and boy, oh, boy, was this a BEAUTIFUL wedding!

Emily had a stunning vision for her wedding and made sure to pick vendors that we top-shelf. As you can see, Sugarberry Blooms and Love Tree Studios teamed up to make this day the epitome of natural elegance.

The wedding day went off without a hitch, (well actually these two did get hitched! haha), but don't be fooled by these tranquil photos- this group was a hoot! With several Aussies in the group, and Emily's free-spirited family, there was no shortage of laughs and jokes through the day.

This wedding will be one that we'll always remember...

At the reception, people were asked to stand up that had traveled by plane to get here, and we were blown away! People came from Ireland, England, Australia, and other places in the US. We never, in a million years, thought that our little town would get to host people from all over the world. But it just goes to show what love can do and how small the world really is.

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