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Paige + Tully

Updated: Jan 30

Paige and Tully will always hold a special place in my heart. They came to tour the property together in February 2019 (in 4 inches of snow!). So I already knew they were people that we up for anything. After the first 50 seconds, I could tell that they were incredibly kind and excitable people, which always makes the tour more fun. But there was something else- something made them shine, and it could have been their free-spirited vibes or the way Tully ADORED Paige or that they clearly appreciated nature and it's beauty... but in all honesty, you just know. You can tell when other people are centered on Christ and it shows in everything you do without having to say it.

Fast forward to May 2019 (yes, that's right- 3 months later). Tully and Paige loved the property so much that they agreed to have a Thursday wedding in MAY (my favorite wedding month). So somehow, with a wonderful, supportive team behind them, they were able to pull off a STUNNING wedding with 275 of their closed friends and family (some traveling as far as Ecuador!).

Let's pause here for a minute and talk about a cool factoid: Tully's family are missionaries in Ecuador, and Tully lived in Ecuador for several years of his life. Ecuador also happens to be the 3rd largest exporters of cut flowers. So the family flew in DOZENS of fresh roses from Ecuador, and the family assembled the flowers together on the day of the wedding. It was a true joy to watch them take on this task together and they (as you can see) did a beautiful job!

The ceremony had so many touching moments, it's hard to choose which ones to write about. Okay, so maybe I'll just write about them all!

The couple was very intentional with their ceremony and blended in many elements to showcase their union, not only with each other, but with God. They sang praises, they took communion, and they prayed together. There wasn't a dry eye in the crowd.

After the ceremony, the guests enjoyed the festivities of dancing and donuts, yard games and delicious food, and of course, the heart-felt toasts from their friends and family.

These two people are genuine servants of God and they are truly a blessing to know. We're so thankful they were willing to tour in the snow and get married on a Thursday.

Check out more of the beautiful wedding day, photographed by Ashley Joy Photography.

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