• Hannah Painter

Kailey + Ryder

I first met Kailey as a florist. She was the floral designer for a styled shoot we were collaborating in with Kelsi Kliethermes Photography. (Funny enough, we would all be working together again at Kailey's wedding!)

So let me tell you a little bit about Kailey... she is CREATIVE, thoughtful, and super intentional in everything she does. She's earthy and hardworking and crazy talented- so many attributes that I respect and admire. And when I met Ryder, I knew they were a perfect match.

The Russell wedding was all about the details. From Kailey gorgeous dress, to the custom designed invitation (THAT SHE CREATED HERSELF), their wedding was a DIY dream! Ryder and his dad cut the piece of wood used for the ceremony and reception, as well as the alter arrangement. Kailey made her own wedding cake, and created the floral inspiration. I could seriously go on and on about how crafty and cool these two are, but it would take me several pages, so I'll stick to these highlights.

When wedding time came around, their group was so fun to work with. Everyone enjoyed themselves and made the set-up process a fun experience. The groomsmen even took some time to go fishing on the morning of the wedding day- so fun!

And as you can see, the wedding day was GORGEOUS! Kailey and Ryder planned everything out so well and built a team that helped them enjoy their day.

Kelsi Kliethermes captured every moments to beautifully and I can't speak highly enough of her. Kelsi finds that balance between professional and you-are-my-new-best-friend so incredibly well. She makes her couples feel so comfortable and carefree, while still catching every perfect, candid moment.

Check out more details from Kailey and Ryders DIY dream wedding!

P.s. I just have to say, Kailey is a continued blessing to me. Kailey runs two different floral companies, so I get to work with her on weddings throughout the year and it's THE BEST! Getting to continue our friendship and be fellow vendors in the wedding industry is so fun! I just love how God connects people and makes these relationships happen.

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