where elegance                                       meets nature

Photographs by Kelsi Kliethermes Photography | Elizabeth Ladean Photography | Lininger Rood Photography 

Photo by Megh Christine Photography

What was once established as the McDowell Rock Quarry,

has now become a premiere outdoor venue for Mid-Missouri.

During the late 1890s, a dynamite blast hit an

underground spring that filled the quarry

and would eventually shut down operations.


Later the property opened to the public as Wildcliff Campground & Resort. Families all over

the mid-west came to camp and swim

among the exposed cliffs and clear blue lake.

In 1986, the campground closed and Wildcliff soon became 

a private residence to the Danner Family. 


Over the last years, Hannah & Austin have hosted

numerous weddings and events with landscape that is

unmatched to anything Mid-Missouri has to offer. 

With over 300 acres of developed and natural landscape, 

you can find multiple locations to host your big event.